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New challenges - 1990's
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In September 1989, she was invited by VNU, the largest Dutch publishing house, to work for a completely new car magazine, a franchise of the German AutoBild. Henny agreed to do so, but because of her racing activities, only on a free lance basis. The test issue of the magazine was very well received and the first AutoWeek hit the market in January 1990. Within a short time it hit weekly sales of over 120,000 issues, being the largest automotive magazine in The Netherlands. After 15 years on the market, that number still stands firm.

Henny’s love for American muscle cars got her into racing the Chevy Camaro Z28 in the seventies. It was the reason why, from the beginning of the eighties, she regularly visited the United States to buy a new racing car, parts or to see other teams. She attended races, and started to report on new American cars, and also visited her relatives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
She reported on the Detroit and Los Angeles auto shows, way before both exhibitions earned their international status. The unveiling of the Viper concept car in 1991 at the show in Detroit triggered a new activity: driving with and writing about concept cars. The first was the Viper pace car, which was available during the early morning of Carburation Day of the Indy 500 in 1991.
Many more concepts followed, not only from Chrysler, but also from Ford and General Motors. Henny’s coverage was pretty exclusive, with sometimes one or two American magazines joining the idea. However, Chrysler recognized a new public relations tool and started organising events for automotive journalist to drive their concepts. Nevertheless Henny still pursues manufacturers to grant her a drive with their cars-of-the-future.

One of Henny’s favourite concept cars is the 1997 Dodge Copperhead.

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