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Career by coincidence - 1980's
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In 1979, the Dutch car magazine Autorevue was going to publish an article about the Dutch National Racing Teamís preparation for their participation in the 24-hours of Francorchamps with Hennyís Chevrolet Camaro. Just two days before the race, the magazineís editor fell ill.
He asked Henny to take notes of the event. She volunteered to write the article it became the start of another career:
That of an automotive journalist.

Some months later, the same editor started his own glossy magazine, AutoSelect. The test issue was published in January 1980. Henny committed herself to write for the new monthly and to also sell advertisements, being well-known in the circles of automotive distributors and advertising agencies.

In the eighties, AutoSelect was very successful in its niche segment. But in the nineties, competition was increased by new magazines focusing on the same high segment of the reader market, that had a very limited language area. After an unfortunate downfall, the last issue of AutoSelect was published in September 1995.

By that time, Henny was already writing automotive articles for other magazines. She had her own page in Cosmopolitan, Elegance, and Panorama, and contributed to the automotive page of De Telegraaf, the largest Dutch newspaper, every now and then.
In September 1989, she was asked by VNU, the largest Dutch publishing house, to work for a completely new car magazine. The test issue was very well received and the new magazine, AutoWeek hit the market in January 1990.

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